Time-Card / Time-Sheet

JobsTrac helps you go paperless by leaving you with less administration on employee timesheets.

JobsTrac eliminates the problem of manual and erroneous record keeping. Automatic time-sheet feature keeps you away from experiencing crony punching or collecting fallacious employee time card data because of manual system.

With JobsTrac employee time tracking your field staff does not have to worry about carrying their punch cards to the office. They can manage their shift (Start and End) and break (Start and End) times straight away from their handsets just by a click. This becomes versatile for people who work from home or remote locations. Integration with third party payroll software means this is all that an organization needs.

Key benefits:

  • Monitor employee time with ease.
  • Reduced paperwork hence reducing errors.
  • Reduce operating expense.
  • Enhance productivity and profitability.