Fixed Routes and Geofences

Know what’s going on in the field and offer a higher level of customer service

Most vital challenge for any service industry having a field workforce is to ensure that employees follow a correct route and do not misuse the assets. Upon completion of each job, the field worker would head to the next closest and correct location. Wasted trips to the customer location are a widespread productivity and profit killer, resulting in higher operating costs, inefficient scheduling, and frustrated customers.

JobsTrac allows creating Fixed Routes and Geofences to ensure field employees follow a certain route and does not crosses a fixed boundary. Office staff can link these fixed routes during job assignments to ensure field staff know the exact path of the job location. Fixed route feature will give a violation alert if the person does not reach the stop on time or detours more than certain number of miles.

Geofencing determines whether field employees are staying on their task when they are moving around. If employees make stops in areas that are not on the official itinerary, the managers will come to know about it instantly via automatic SMS and Email alerts. JobsTrac allows assigning Geofences to individual assets or groups and plays a vital role in ensuring that field staff becomes more productive and cost-efficient. This makes JobsTrac useful for lot of businesses that run on predefined routes.

Key benefits:

  • Manage your employees within a region.
  • Greater control over your field staff.
  • Increased security.
  • Improve resource utilization.
  • Cut down unauthorized vehicle usage.
  • Reduce fuel costs.
  • Enhanced customer service.