Navigate to the correct job location and ensure on time customer service.

During road trips while moving to a job location, nothing casts a wither over it faster than getting lost. When sending an employee to the job site, we need to ensure that the employee is able to make his way to the correct job location. It can even be a new job site. JobsTrac navigation facilitates your employees to identify accurate job location and ensure they reach at right place on right time.

JobsTrac incorporate Google maps ensuring first class online and offline navigation at your fingertips. With JobsTrac navigation your employees can make driving practical and enjoyable. Navigation spoken directions feature helps an employee when they are following an involuntary route, by only glancing at the phone to see distance to the next turn. Navigation helps in more and more on-time job visit of employees, thus increasing customer satisfaction.

Key benefits:

  • Easy job site navigation.
  • Audio and text based narration.
  • Accurate navigation.
  • Offline navigation in remote locations.
  • Resource saving.