Q. How do I evaluate JobsTrac? How do I register for free trial?

Simply go to account.jobs-trac.com and Sign Up. Once signed up, you should receive an email with login information.
You can also go to Google Playstore or Apple App Store, search for JobsTrac, and install. You can register using mobile app. Once you register from there, you will receive an email with login information.

Q. How do I take a tour?

On account.jobs-trac.com, you can enter demo site by using the “Demo” button on top.

Q. Who are typical users of JobsTrac?

Any industry field staff and office staff.

Q. How do I install JobsTrac?

Go to Google Playstore or Apple App Store search for JobsTrac and install. This app is for field user.

Q. How do I create phone user in JobsTrac?

Refer to web user guide.

Q. How many users can I have?

You can have as many users as you want.

Q. How much does JobsTrac cost?

Refer to http://www.jobs-trac.com/pricing for detailed pricing.

Q. Do I have to purchase a server to install JobsTrac?


Q. How can I purchase JobsTrac?

Just register your account. We send PayPal invoices at the beginning of the month based on average number of users of last month.

Q. How do I cancel my account? How do I re-activate my account? Whom do I contact
for refunds?

Just send an email to info@jobs-trac.com and we will take care of that.

Q. What happens after trial period expires?

Once trial period expires, your account will be placed in a disabled state.

Q. How does the billing work? Do I get billed for total number of users?

The invoice is generated only based on number of Field Users.

Q. Are there any system requirements? (Usage)

You just need Android or iPhone for your field users and simple workstation for office staff.

Q. Can I purchase a single module of JobsTrac?

Yes. But we prefer to give everything packaged for you.

Q. Can JobsTrac be customized?


Q. Do I need to provide mobile phones to employees?

Yes. Android Phones or iPhones.

Q. What mobile devices are supported?

Android phones or iPhones.

Q. What type of languages does JobsTrac support?

It can support any language. If your language is not there, we will take $1,000 for adding your language.

Q. How do I get product support?

Just send an email to info@jobs-trac.com and we will help you.

Q. How does JobsTrac upgrade their versions?

It uses Playstore and Appstore for that.