Location Tracking, Maps and Reports

Get up-to-the-minute location statistics for all your employees. Stay conversant with vigorous reporting.

Tracking helps in better monitoring of field resources, track hours & location for each employee including detailed reports adequate to show daily activities and job status. Managing employees in the field has always been a challenging task for managers. Employee location tracking can make life easy for supervisors and business owners, particularly if you are having a business with large number of field staff.

JobsTrac tracking system helps you improve productivity by dispatching the jobs to the nearest available employee. With JobsTrac you can efficiently track and record the locations of your field employees in real time. Managers can monitor the field workforce and manage resources with real-time visibility into progress of work by knowing their present and historical location information.

Key benefits:

  • Instantly see where your employees are.
  • Get report on employee location whenever and wherever needed.
  • Easy to use web based monitoring.
  • Employees can send their location from handset.
  • Potentially 24 X 7 tracking of employee and assets.
  • Enhanced productivity and profitability.