Job Scheduling and Dispatching

Intelligent scheduling simplifies and optimizes scheduling and tracking of field activities

Scheduling and dispatching is the main foundation stone of the business. Real-time job scheduling and dispatching decisions will reduce operating costs considerably. You can modify your scheduled jobs at your workplace and at field work with ease. With visibility on your workers availability and location, with your customers and assets on a layered map, you can send the closest available employee to the next job or easily plan your schedule. With intelligent scheduling you can schedule and pre-plan job assignments allowing you to save efforts scheduling them manually.

Job scheduling and tracking takes care of other business factors involved if your employees are based out of office by performing schedule changes throughout the day and by determining who to dispatch where? For companies still using old legacy systems or even managing workforce manually, the knowledge of fulfillment with the schedule still comes when the reporting is done at the end of day or end of the week. Smart scheduling optimizes everything from customer demand forecast, the shifts your employees work and even the specific routes that your field resources take to their job.

Key benefits:

  • Job scheduling.
  • Drag and Drop to reschedule jobs.