Paperless Technology For Field Service Businesses

In addition to benefiting field service workers with the majority of utility work happening in the field, finding technology that meets the demands of an extreme field environment while fulfilling operational requirements and supporting current IT systems can be a challenge. This is where Jobstrac comes in, smartphones are capable of so much more that it can get real time updates on your field workers, current progress on appointments and jobs and their current location. The app enables workers to fill out any type of form, job sheet, proposal etc on their mobile device, instantly sending them back to the office so that stock ordering and company decisions can be made instantly in real time. Thus improving your field service profitability with real-time invoicing through Jobstrac field service management App.

Imagine no more filing, no more searching for job sheets, no more pointless journeys back and forth to the office. Email on smartphones has revolutionized communication and cut postage costs dramatically. This has eventually helped bringing efficiency to work however this still consumes hours of administration and can be a real hassle.

Overall, Jobstrac provides both field workers and management a convenient solution to efficiently manage Businesses. Streamline your business and get ahead of the competition. Contact us today and we will soon have your business on the cutting edge of what IT can deliver.

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